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  • Go And Do Likewise


    In love, Jesus came to redeem sinful people and restore a fallen world, and he invites all of his followers to join this good work. But how can believers effectively care for their neighbors when life is so marred by sin and suffering? Is it possible for ordinary Christians to participate in God’s mission to restore a broken world?

    From a theological perspective, Go and Do Likewise explores God’s grand story of redemption to uncover how ordinary Christians can extend God’s compassion to those in need. Author Amy DiMarcangelo builds on biblical principles and provides discussion questions for everyday application. This practical book encourages believers to joyfully engage in Christ’s mission – relying on the gospel to spur mercy, justice, and generosity to those who need it most.

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  • Let The Nations Be Glad 30th Anniversary Edition (Anniversary)


    John Piper’s bestselling book on missions (more than 300,000 copies sold) draws on key biblical texts to demonstrate that worship is the ultimate goal of the church and that proper worship fuels missionary outreach. Piper offers a biblical defense of God’s supremacy in all things, providing readers with a sound theological foundation for missions.

    This 30th anniversary edition of a contemporary classic incorporates insight from the author’s refined thinking over the past 10 years. Used extensively as a textbook for missions courses and a resource for ministries, Let the Nations Be Glad! provides a passionate plea for God-centeredness in the whole enterprise of world evangelization and explores the role of prayer and spiritual warfare. The book is essential reading for those involved in or preparing for missions work. It also offers enlightenment for students, pastors, youth workers, campus ministers, and all who want to connect their labors to God’s global purposes. The 30th anniversary edition features a deluxe hardcover binding.

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  • These Strange Ashes


    In this deeply personal account of her first year as a missionary, Elisabeth Elliot shares what it was like to work in the jungles of Ecuador with a small group of women, bringing the Word of God to the indigenous tribe that martyred her husband. With fascinating detail, she captures the stark realities of life among these complex people and reflects upon the “strange ashes” that can result when an act of obedience is passed through the fires of God’s perfect–yet mysterious–will.

    These Strange Ashes is more than a remarkable sharing of a year in the life of a Christian missionary; it is a reflection on the great questions of life and a memorable testimony to the realities of authentic Christian commitment. First published nearly 40 years ago, this classic is sure to inspire a new generation to find and follow God’s will–wherever it leads them.

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  • Depth By Drama


    Michael Merker’s personal experience with a touring production of the popular musical Godspell, a dramatization of God’s Word, led him to experiment with the adaptation of Bible literature into performance material. Through directing and performing these works, he not only grew in his own understanding of the Word but shared the gospel with his audiences and fellow performers.

    With the desire to spark a movement of committed practitioners who aim to reach the entire world for Jesus Christ, Michael has created a practical guide for others who share his love for theater and discipleship. Depth by Drama is for missionaries, group leaders, pastors, and anyone who wants to create and present Bible-based shows for the evangelism of the lost and the discipleship of performers and others involved in the productions. With the help of this thorough guidebook, readers can discover the great blessings gained from rehearsing and performing the Word of God and biblical literature, both for the actor and the audience.

    Whether it’s for your personal Bible study, an exercise for a group, or a full-scale performance for an audience, this book-along with the Bible-will be all you need to learn how to put together a production based on Scripture. Now, break-a-leg for Jesus!

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  • Journals Of Jim Elliot


    Uncover the spiritual riches of the personal journals of missionary and martyr Jim Elliot

    Jim Elliot arrived in Ecuador as a missionary at age twenty-five. Three years later, he would become a martyr at the hands of the Auca, the indigenous people to whom he was witnessing. He left behind a young wife, a baby daughter, and an incredible legacy of faith.

    Jim’s volumes of personal journals, written over many years, reveal the inner struggles and victories that he experienced before his untimely death in 1956. In The Journals of Jim Elliot, you’ll come to know this intelligent and articulate man who yearned to know God’s plan for his life, detailed his fascinating missions work, and revealed his love for Elisabeth–first as a single man, then as a happily married one.

    Edited by his wife, Elisabeth, Jim’s personal yet universal musings about faith, love, and work will show you how to apply the Bible to the situations you face every day. They will inspire you to lead a life of obedience, regardless of the cost, and delight you with an amazing story of courage and determination.

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  • Facing Fear: : The Journey To Mature Courage In Risk And Persecution


    Developing an Anti-Fragile Faith

    Violence against Christ-followers is increasing globally. The lived reality for many Christians involves daily threats, risks, and persecution. When evil casts its shadow on us, and we’re tempted to despair, it is vital to develop anti-fragile faith and the guts to endure in hard places.

    Facing Fear is a practical guide for believers who long to have bold, mature courage. Cultivating this courage is necessary to endure wisely for Christ’s sake. Anna Hampton integrates exegesis and psychology to explain how humans respond to fear and how the Holy Spirit enables us to make a different choice than our normal. Learning to face our fears, name them, and manage them requires learning specific steps to reduce their impact on us.

    This book is a pastoral and practical resource for those working to advance the gospel in the world’s most dangerous places. You’ll gain valuable skills to become “shrewd as a serpent” and stand with unshakable faith in unsafe situations. Risk can be an offering of worship. Jesus is worthy of whatever pain you go through, whatever loss you experience, and whatever fears you have.

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  • Faithful Disobedience : Writings On Church And State From A Chinese House C


    Throughout China’s rapidly growing cities, a new wave of unregistered house churches is growing. They are developing rich theological perspectives that are both uniquely Chinese and rooted in the historical doctrines of the faith. To understand how they have endured despite government pressure and cultural marginalization, we must understand both their history and their theology.

    In this volume, key writings from the house church have been compiled, translated, and made accessible to English speakers. Featured here is a manifesto by well-known pastor Wang Yi and his church, Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, to clarify their theological stance on the house church and its relationship to the Chinese government. There are also works by prominent voices such as Jin Tianming, Jin Mingri, and Sun Yi. The editors have provided introductions, notes, and a glossary to give context to each selection.

    These writings are an important body of theology historically and spiritually. Though defined by a specific set of circumstances, they have universal applications in a world where the relationship between church and state is more complicated than ever. This unique resource will be valuable to practical and political theologians as well as readers interested in international relations, political philosophy, history, and intercultural studies.

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  • Subversive Mission : Serving As Outsiders In A World Of Need


    For many, missions is the story of heroes, martyrs, and the advance of the gospel. For others, it’s the story of colonialism and missionary disasters. So how do we respond to God’s call to love our neighbors as a new era emerges?

    Subversive mission is submission–to God and local leaders. Subversive mission offers a new way forward for outsiders called to crosscultural ministry by serving as humble alongsiders. Join Craig Greenfield on this inspiring journey in Asia and beyond as he rediscovers the fivefold missional gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher, and demonstrates how each of these must look radically different in a crosscultural context. Along the way, you’ll discover your own missional type through the Missional Type Inventory and come face to face with the five most common pitfalls that Westerners face in crosscultural settings.

    By the end of this story, you’ll be inspired by a radically different way of working for change in the world. Come alongside. And join God in what he is already doing.

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  • Fulfilling Our Mission


    Fulfilling our Mission by noted international evangelist Reinhard Bonnke explores truths, stories, and principles from the Bible that show how to effectively reach out to others with the love of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ. This book builds upon Bonnke’s previous book, Hell Empty, Heaven Full, demonstrating God’s great compassion for the world.

    Tens of millions of people came to know Christ through Bonnke’s ministry. As he explains, in evangelism, there is no “right” way of doing things but only right principles, principles that can be drawn from the New Testament.

    In Scripture, God equipped the least likely individuals for His providential purposes. He wants each one of us to participate in reaching the world because He deeply loves all people. Where the Holy Spirit provides the tiniest spark, a start can be made. You cannot learn to play the piano better by hearing more lectures about piano-playing techniques. You have to put your fingers on the keys. Evangelism is not a sit-down-and-learn topic alone. It is a hands-on activity, a demand, a challenge, a commission, and a consuming passion!

    From biblical times to today, believers have claimed God’s promises and moved forward in faith. The Word, not some subjective impulse, is our authority for action and will bring about success in outreach that causes men, women, and children to know Christ and be brought into the eternal kingdom of God.

    Today, Jesus calls us to go into all the world and make disciples. How will we respond? God not only accompanies those who are go-getters, but He also makes and equips them. With the Word as our guide, let us begin a serious and determined effort to fulfill the commission Jesus us gave to reach everyone in the world with the message of His salvation and usher in His return!

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  • Buried Seeds : Learning From The Vibrant Resilience Of Marginalized Christi


    This book demonstrates how two overlooked ministry models–base ecclesial communities of the Global South in the late 20th century and hush harbors of the US Deep South during antebellum times–offer proven strategies for the 21st-century church. These ministry models provide insight into the creation and sustenance of vital Christian community, particularly for those seeking indigenous culturally-rooted models, and show how to and show how to integrate vibrant Christ-centered faith and mission with world-changing social justice and political action. The book includes on-the-ground stories from multiethnic communities, a foreword by Robert Chao Romero, and an afterword by Willie James Jennings.

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  • Liturgical Mission : The Work Of The People For The Life Of The World


    Modern missional movements have often viewed the historic Christian traditions with suspicion.

    The old traditions may be beautiful, the thinking goes, but they’re too insular, focused primarily on worship and on the interior life of the church, and not looking outward to evangelism and good works.

    In Liturgical Mission, Winfield Bevins argues that the church’s liturgy and sacramental life are in fact deeply missional. He explores the historic practices of the Christian church, demonstrating how they offer a holistic framework for everyday Christian discipleship and mission in the twenty-first century. The result is a book that not only invites all Christians back to the historic liturgy of the church, but also invites those already in liturgical churches to rediscover the missional life that has too often remained latent in their own traditions.

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  • Just Mission : Laying Down Power And Embracing Mutuality


    Why do American Christians travel overseas to reach people in distant lands, but neglect ministering to people who immigrate from those lands to their home communities?

    Why does Western missions funding depend on narratives that marginalize indigenous leadership?

    Why are diaspora Christians from the Global South not seen as legitimate missionaries to the West?

    Western mission often still centers the senders, without as much understanding of the experiences of the receivers. Mekdes Haddis, an Ethiopian now living in the United States, provides a postcolonial critique of Western mission, upending the white savior complex and arguing for a more globally just approach. A Just Mission examines evangelical mission from the perspective of the receiver, highlighting areas of weakness and naming injustices.

    Unveiling the negative impact of Western mission on the global church, Haddis addresses how white supremacy infiltrates and subverts mission organizations’ good intentions, disrupting grassroots missions and local leadership development. Weaving together theology and Scripture with stories from people of color and diaspora groups, A Just Mission offers hope that the mission and message of Jesus can indeed become good news for all.

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  • Flame Of God


    Are you frustrated by your lack of power to live an authentic Christian life? Do you want more boldness to share the Good News of Christ? Do you desire the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be manifested in your life?

    American missionary Daniel Del Vecchio moved in miracles, healings, and deliverance while ministering in Cuba, Mexico, and Spain. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, he reached out to backpacking youth traveling through Torremolinos in the 1970s and 80s, spearheading an international Christian community and Evangelical churches in Spain. These communities opened drug rehabilitation centers and cared for the poor and marginalized and those suffering from trauma and abuse. Light always overcomes the darkness!

    The joy of the Lord is contagious! We aren’t all called to be pioneering missionaries, but we all have a part to play in God’s strategy to reach our neighbors and the nations!

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  • Let The Nations Be Glad 30th Anniversary Edition (Anniversary)


    John Piper’s bestselling book on missions (more than 300,000 copies sold) draws on key biblical texts to demonstrate that worship is the ultimate goal of the church and that proper worship fuels missionary outreach. Piper offers a biblical defense of God’s supremacy in all things, providing readers with a sound theological foundation for missions.

    This 30th anniversary edition of a contemporary classic incorporates insight from the author’s refined thinking over the past 10 years. Used extensively as a textbook for missions courses and a resource for ministries, Let the Nations Be Glad! provides a passionate plea for God-centeredness in the whole enterprise of world evangelization and explores the role of prayer and spiritual warfare. The book is essential reading for those involved in or preparing for missions work. It also offers enlightenment for students, pastors, youth workers, campus ministers, and all who want to connect their labors to God’s global purposes. The 30th anniversary edition features a deluxe hardcover binding.

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  • God At Work In The World


    A leading scholar offers an up-to-date articulation of the theological grounding of the missionary endeavor. Lalsangkima (Kima) Pachuau argues that theology of mission deals with God’s work in and for the world, which is centered on salvation in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Pachuau brings a global perspective to mission theology, explains how theology of mission is related to theology as a discipline, and recognizes recent critiques of “missions,” offering a compelling response rooted in the very nature of God.

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  • Teamwork Cross Culturally


    Following Sherwood Lingenfelter’s successful books on ministering, teaching, and leading cross-culturally (with combined sales of over 200,000 copies), Teamwork Cross-Culturally casts a vision for how teams made up of diverse peoples can serve in unity as the body of Christ despite the complicated problems that arise. The book equips leaders to respond to divisive issues so that multinational mission teams can do the work of ministry in ways that honor God. Real-life examples of teamwork challenges from around the world demonstrate that “in Christ” responses are achievable.

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  • No Shortcut To Success


    Avoid “Get-Rich-Quick” Missions Strategies and Invest in Effective, Long-Term Ministry

    Trendy new missions strategies are a dime a dozen, promising missionaries monumental results in record time. These strategies report explosive movements of people turning to Christ, but their claims are often dubious and they do little to ensure the health of believers or churches that remain. How can churches and missionaries address the urgent need to reach unreached people without falling for quick fixes?

    In No Shortcut to Success, author and missionary Matt Rhodes implores Christians to stop chasing silver-bullet strategies and short-term missions, and instead embrace theologically robust and historically demonstrated methods of evangelism and discipleship-the same ones used by historic figures such as William Carey and Adoniram Judson. These great missionaries didn’t rush evangelism; they spent time studying Scripture, mastering foreign languages, and building long-term relationships. Rhodes explains that modern missionaries’ emphasis on minimal training and quick conversions can result in slipshod evangelism that harms the communities they intend to help. He also warns against underestimating the value of individual skill and effort-under the guise of “getting out of the Lord’s way”-and empowers Christians with practical, biblical steps to proactively engage unreached groups.

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  • Freeing Congregational Mission


    There is a deepening crisis in mission as practiced by North American congregations.

    Many mission activities are more effective at satisfying church members than making a lasting difference, producing what’s too often consumer-oriented selfie mission. Too much effort is based on colonial-era assumptions of mission launched from a position of power. These practices are not just ineffective–they deviate from mission in the way of Jesus. Hunter Farrell and Bala Khyllep want to help free congregational mission from harmful cultural forces so churches can better partner with God’s work in the world. They invite leaders to lay the foundation for more faithful and effective missions with three core elements:

    *a Christ-centered theology of mission rooted in companionship
    *an appetite and competence to engage across differences with cultural humility
    *insights and strategies to accompany local and global neighbors in co-development

    Farrell and Khyllep deliver key takeaways from the latest mission research, inspiring examples from innovative congregations, and a set of step-by-step tools for churches to discern and implement sound practices that will work for them. The local church community is well-positioned to build a spreading circle of relationships centered in Jesus Christ. With this book, congregations of every Christian tradition will find practical help to direct their resources in truly life-giving ways as they seek the mission of God.

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  • Hope Lives Here


    A widely requested follow up to Janine Maxwell’s first two books It’s Not Okay With Me and Is It Okay With You?, HOPE LIVES HERE is a comprehensive look behind the scenes of Project Canaan: A Place of HOPE, a development project and children’s home that she and her husband Ian are building in Africa.

    While this book is not specifically a “how to” manual on how to start a ministry in Africa, nor a guide on successfully developing a self-sustainable farm with water provision during devastating drought, it is the heartfelt and often heart-wrenching story of their journey and path toward growing promising futures for hundreds of orphaned or abandoned children. Maxwell breaks down details of their Hunger, Orphans, Poverty, Education initiatives designed to bring HOPE to the kingdom of Eswatini and much more.

    Joys and successes are equally shared alongside lows and betrayals.

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  • Embrace : Showing And Sharing The Love Of Jesus


    For evangelism ministry teams who will train volunteers and implement CATCH tactics for evangelism. Small-group style sessions inspire teams and gives them tools they need to get started.

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  • Get Set : A Spiritual Preparation For Short-Term Missions


    Get Set is a 31-day devotional that will help equip and prepare short-term missions teams for their upcoming trip.

    Going on a short-term mission trip can be thrilling, stretching, and scary. To help you and your church mission team be prepared spiritually, Melissa Heiland of Beautiful Feet International and International Mission Board have partnered to create a 31-day devotional for short-term missions partners. You will be able to relate to personal stories of others who have traveled overseas with teams to share the gospel with a lost world.

    Each devotion begins with a suggested Scripture passage to review, a devotional story, and a prayer. Melissa brings her own personal experience as a former missionary and current short-term mission team leader within each daily reflection. A helpful timeline of things your team needs to do before departure is included in the index. This booklet is the perfect tool for your short-term team to read the month preceding your mission trip!

    Sample quote from Get Set: “Let us never forget that we serve a God of miracles. As you prepare to go on your missions journey, go expectantly. Expect God to display his power among the peoples. Look for God in your life, in the lives of your team members, and in the lives of the people you are going to serve. Does raising support seem impossible? Is getting a visa difficult? Do the hearts of the people seem hard? Are you facing health problems? Look to God who parted the Red Sea!”

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  • Around The World With Matt And Lizzy China


    All Aboard! We’re on Our Way to China!

    Little travelers can pack their imaginary bags and explore China with Matt, Lizzy, and Bentley the dog. They will learn all about the children of China – their culture, language, food, weather, and landmarks – all the while growing in boldness to use their faith and share the love of God near and far.

    In Around the World with Matt & Lizzy, author and traveling missionary Julie Beemer captures children’s imaginations and encourages curiosity about other cultures, while providing Bible application to real life challenges. Children ages 4-9 will love learning how children around the globe are different, yet very much the same.

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  • Advanced Missiology : How To Study Missions Incredible And Useful Ways


    Advanced Missiology draws the connections between the theory and practice of missions. Using the metaphor of a river, the book shows how theories “”upstream”” such as theology, education, anthropology, community development, and history have exerted an influence on missiology (and missiology, in turn, has gone back upstream to influence those disciplines). What causes these disciplines to converge in missiology is the goal of making disciples across cultures. Whereas missiologists are not always explicit about how their abstract theories actually relate to the task of making disciples across cultures, each chapter in Advanced Missiology shows how numerous theories, sub-fields, models, and strategies of missiology ultimately facilitate the Great Commission. The book argues that by using interdisciplinarity for this fundamental purpose, missiological studies will be more credible and useful. With contributions from: Rebecca Burnett Leanne Dzubinski Julie Martinez

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  • Language Learning In Ministry


    Chart a Path for Language Success

    Are you excited to minister in another culture, but worried about how best to learn the language of the people you are going to serve? While a new culture and a new language will change you and your family in dramatic ways, let the author dispel common myths about language acquisition and share a hopeful outlook.

    Language Learning in Ministry is essential for learning a new language or providing guidance for those headed into a new language context. With chapters on both formal and informal language learning to guide the selection of language schools, programs, and methodologies, this book walks you through the options, opportunities, and challenges ahead.

    Special attention is given to:
    *Viewing language learning through a ministry lens
    *Language development of children and the needs of the family, including schooling options and opportunities for MKs to learn the local
    *Personal application-walking the reader through decision-making processes to chart a path for success in language learning
    *Rich resources such as language proficiency scales, language learning methodologies, and online resources
    *A complete task-based language learning curriculum that can be adapted to any language

    Don’t let language learning be a desert of waiting, but rather, a launch-pad for ministry opportunities. Utilizing the knowledge and guidance provided in this book will minimize your stress, increase the potential for your success in acquiring a new language, and fuel your ministry.

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  • reGeneration : Stories Of Resilient Faith In Communist Romania


    Story is a powerful tool for teaching and learning. This is a book of stories about ministry in the underground church of communist Romania (1980s). It introduces a never-ending story about the regenerative process of true discipleship, which reaches today to the second, third, and fourth generations. These stories will inspire deeper reflection on challenging missional issues that will certainly be encountered by the next generation of international workers.

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  • Questions Of Context


    The gospel is for every tribe, tongue, and nation (Revelation 7:9), but there is no single biblical or theological model for the relationship between the gospel and these diverse cultures. Indeed, every suggested approach carries its own range of philosophical and theological commitments that all too often remain unexamined. Contextualization is fraught with challenges-yet wrestling with questions of context is essential for how we understand mission, theology, and the embodiment of the Christian faith. German missiology has engaged these questions in a variety of ways that can both inform and critique Anglo-American traditions. In this compilation and analysis, John Flett and Henning Wrogemann translate and comment on a core thread of German missiological works, explaining both their historical and current significance. Drawn from journals and books across a century of academic discourse, these classic writings trace developments from Gustav Warneck, the father of contemporary missiology, through key thinkers such as Karl Hartenstein, who coined the term missio Dei, down to twenty-first century discussions of intercultural hermeneutics. Along the way they reveal advances, mistakes, and changing definitions as German missiologists interacted with the cultural and political realities of their time. This longitudinal study, showcasing many texts available in English for the first time, tackles the history and dynamics of contextualization head-on and sheds new light on the state of missiology today. We are reminded, Flett and Wrogemann argue, that we must keep working to honor difference within the worldwide Christian community as necessary to the fullness of our being in Christ.

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  • Holy Ambition : To Preach Where Christ Has Not Been Named – Second Revised (Revi


    This vision of, and invitation to, the work of global missions challenges Christians everywhere to cultivate a holy ambition to preach Christ where he has not yet been named.

    The apostle Paul had a holy ambition: to preach the gospel to peoples who had never heard. He ached to proclaim Jesus where he had not yet been named. So today, missionaries cross cultures, learn languages, and pour out their lives in word and deed to break through thousands of years of darkness and the reign of Satan over a people who do not know the King of kings and the Savior of the world. Missionaries go to, and minister among, peoples who otherwise have little to no access to the saving news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

    And since Jesus’s Great Commission to make disciples of all nations is still in effect–and since there are thousands of peoples today who have never heard of him–every church should pray that God would not only make all of us evangelists among our own people, but also that he would raise up from among us missionaries to take the gospel where it has never gone before.

    Note to the Second Revised Edition: This book was first released in 2011. Since then, John Piper has continued to preach and write about missions. So, to prepare this Second Revised Edition, Desiring God added four chapters of new material, removed about a third of the original, and freshly edited and organized the remainder.

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  • World Mission : Theology, Strategy, And Current Issues


    World missions needs a fully biblical ethos.

    This is the contention of the editors of and contributors to World Mission, a series of essays aimed at reforming popular approaches to missions.

    In the first set of essays, contributors develop a biblical theology of world missions from both the Old and New Testaments, arguing that the theology of each must stand in the foreground of missions, not recede into the background. In the second, they unfold the Great Commission in sequence, detailing how it determines the biblical strategy of all mission enterprises. Finally, they treat current issues in world missions from the perspective of the sufficiency of Scripture.

    Altogether, this book aims to reform missions to be thoroughly – not just foundationally – biblical, a needed correction even among the sincerest missionaries.

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  • To The Ends Of The Earth


    Jesus is always on the move. If we follow Him, where will we end up? An expert on nomadic peoples, Malcolm Hunter shares stories from a lifetime of working in some of the world’s most remote, colorful, and neglected communities. In the early 1960’s Malcolm and his wife, Jean, arrived in Ethiopia with only their professional skills-medicine and engineering-and a desire to show God’s love to those in need. Over the next forty years God would lead them across Africa, through lush hills and scorched bush, to a dozen people groups who hadn’t heard the gospel. Wherever the Hunters went, they found that God had been there first. This book is full of astonishing true accounts of Jesus preparing the world’s least reached peoples to encounter Him. Visions, dreams, miracles, shocking customs, and even human blunders and tragedies-God used all these and more to open a way to share the good news. Honest, hopeful, and never far from laughter, Malcolm invites us to consider anew what we can expect when we follow Jesus-wherever He leads.

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  • Gospel Of Our King


    This accessible overview shows how the Bible–with its 66 books, dozens of authors, and multiple genres–comes together to provide an overarching story about God the King and explains how the Christian gospel and mission address the totality of human life.

    Written by a biblical scholar and a theologian, The Gospel of Our King shows how any account of gospel and mission can only be understood in light of the whole biblical testimony. The authors help us understand the Bible’s overarching narrative as the true story of the whole world. This story, revealed by God and centered on Jesus the King, enables us to know and love God and to fulfill his purpose for our lives. It is the framework within which we come to understand the Christian worldview, the Christian gospel, and the Christian mission. When we understand how the whole Bible fits together to shape the totality of a Christian’s life, we will be prepared to show the goodness of Christ and the gospel to others in our personal, social, cultural, and global contexts.

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  • Neighborhood Church : Transforming Your Congregation Into A Powerhouse For


    How can we embody the values of love, grace, and justice? As faith communities, how can our collective embodiment of these values shine even brighter? The answers to these questions must always unfold right here, right now, exactly where God has planted us. Neighborhood Churchacts as a resource to inspire churches to become a vibrant and engaging community partner with the families and neighborhoods living around them. The need for transformation is acute. Congregational decline continues across all mainline denominations. The abandonment of the church by the millennial generation is ubiquitous; no denomination is escaping it. This is, in part, a consequence of disconnection from our communities. Van Tatenhove and Mueller believe that, parish by parish, we can reverse this trend. They dare to have an audacious hope for local congregations not only as signs of God’s kingdom but as life-giving institutions that anchor their neighborhoods. Drawing on their combined sixty years of parish experience, wisdom from Asset-Based Community Development, and compelling case stories, Van Tatenhove and Mueller do more than just call us to incarnational ministry. They give practical, essential tools that lead to communal conversion, develop the DNA of listening, spur fruitful partnerships, promote integrated space, and sustain long-term visions. They believe these tools will spark true revival and unleash the power of incarnational ministry.

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  • Praying For Your Missionary


    Introduction: Why A Book On Praying For Missionaries?
    1. Pray For More Workers To Finish The Mission
    2. Pray For Intimacy With God
    3. Pray For Spiritual Coverage
    4. Pray For Strong Singles, Marriages, And Families
    5. Pray For Incarnational Love
    6. Pray For Oneness In The Teams
    7. Pray For Never-Ending Devotion
    8. Pray For Successful Ministry
    9. Pray For Churches To Partner Well
    10. Pray For Agencies To Partner Well
    11. Pray For Missionaries’ Reentry Period
    12. Pray To End Well
    Epilogue: Let’s Finish The Mission And Go Home

    Additional Info
    Being a missionary is a noble calling, but it’s also a difficult one.

    Missionaries face many challenges, whether adjusting to a new culture, learning a new language, or guarding against spiritual attacks. They need the support of the church and a faithful covering of prayer. But for many Christians, missionaries are out of sight, out of mind. How can we effectively intercede for the missionaries in our lives?

    Eddie Byun provides a handy guide to praying for missionaries. He shows the vital connection between prayer and missions, how our prayers are connected to both the well-being of missionaries and the fruit of their work. This book offers ways to pray for the various needs that missionaries have on the mission field, to prevent burnout and protect them from harm. We can partner with our missionaries as individual intercessors and as sending churches.

    The fields are ready for harvest. Your prayers for the workers and their ministry can make a difference.

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  • Teaching Across Cultures


    Foreword By Duane H. Elmer
    1. Metaphors Of Teaching
    2. The Rail Fence As A Crosscultural Model For Teaching
    3. Adapting Our Colored Glasses
    4. Teaching Complex Creatures
    5. Teaching And Context
    6. Teaching And Cultural Values
    7. Teaching Aims Across Cultures
    8. Cultural Influences On Teaching Aims
    9. Teaching Through Struggle
    10. Harmony Through The Rail-Fence Model
    11. Examples Of Pilgrim Teaching
    12. Improving Teaching Through Evaluation
    Recommended Reading
    Author Index
    Subject Index
    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    In our globalized world, ideas are constantly being exchanged between people of different cultural backgrounds. But educators often struggle to adapt to the contexts of diverse learners. Some focus so much on content delivery that they overlook crosscultural barriers to effective teaching.

    Educator and missiologist James Plueddemann offers field-tested insights for teaching across cultural differences. He unpacks how different cultural dynamics may inhibit learning and offers a framework for integrating conceptual ideas into practical experience. He provides a model of teaching as pilgrimage, where the aim is not merely the mastery of information but the use of knowledge to foster the development of the pilgrim learner.

    Plueddemann’s crosscultural experience shows how teachers can make connections between content and context, bridging truth and life. Those who teach in educational institutions, mission organizations, churches, and other ministries will find insights here for transformational crosscultural learning.

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  • Women In Gods Mission



    Part 1: Appreciating Their Stories
    1. God’s Amazing Daughters
    2. Navigating Power When Serving
    3. Being Authentic When Leading

    Part 2: The Faithful Connected Leader
    4. A Distinctive Foundation
    5. Connected In Different Ways
    6. Persevering With Wisdom
    7. Prioritizing Impact And Excellence

    Part 3: Realities Of Gender Discrimination
    8. Caring About Challenges
    9. Strategies That Accommodate Others
    10. When Accommodation Hinders Faithfulness

    Part 4: What Women Need To Do Their Best Work
    11. Husbands Who Act Like Jesus
    12. A Healthier Metaphor In The Workplace
    13. Men Courageously Opening Opportunities
    14. Cultivating Encouragement And Growth
    15. Addressing Remaining Issues

    Conclusion: What Might This Mean For The Future?
    Appendix: Research Details And Methodology

    Additional Info
    Women have advanced God’s mission throughout history and around the world. But women often face particular obstacles in ministry. What do we need to know about how women thrive?

    Mission researcher Mary Lederleitner interviewed and surveyed respected women in mission leadership from across the globe to gather their insights, expertise, and best practices. She unveils how women serve in distinctive ways and identifies key traits of faithful connected leaders. When women face opposition based on their gender, they employ various strategies to carry on with resilience and hope. Real-life stories and case studies shed light on dynamics that inhibit women and also give testimony to God’s grace and empowerment in the midst of challenges.

    Women and men will find resources here for partnering together in effective ministry and mission. Organizations can help women flourish through advocacy, mentoring, and addressing structural issues. Wherever God has invited you to serve and lead, discover that you are not alone as you answer the call.

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  • Window On The World (Revised)


    Window on the World is your ticket to travel around the world! If you appreciate Operation World as an adult, your kids will love this invaluable and age-appropriate prayer resource that develops cultural, political, and geographical awareness through a Christian lens. Find out how God is changing the lives of families everywhere through prayer-from the frozen Arctic to the hottest desert, on the highest mountains and in crowded cities.

    Window on the World brings alive the culture, history, and traditions of all sorts of different people. With “Fact Files” and “Do You Know?” features, each section brings you information, true stories, maps, and easy-to-use prayer points that take you into homes around the world. See how children live, what they like to do, where they go to school, what they eat and wear, and what they hope and dream.

    This revised edition includes new entries for more countries and people groups, with updated information and prayer points from the team at Operation World. It will draw a new generation into learning about the world, reaching out to people, and praying for those who have never heard about Jesus. Through Window on the World, young people and adults alike can discover and pray for the peoples of the world.

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  • Refugee Diaspora : Missions Amid The Greatest Humanitarian Crisis Of The Wo


    Refugee Diaspora is a contemporary account of the global refugee situation and how the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ is shining brightly in the darkest corners of the greatest crisis on our planet. These hope-filled pages of refugees encountering Jesus Christ presents models of Christian ministry from the front lines of the refugee crisis and the real challenges of ministering to today’s refugees. It includes biblical, theological and practical reflections on mission in diverse diaspora contexts from leading scholars as well as practitioners in all major regions of the world.

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  • Not Dressed For The Occasion


    “Not Dressed for the Occasion” has no specific beginning or end but is a string of observations birthed out of my walk with God. It delves into the deeply personal failures of life and honest confession of sins, as well as explores the wonderful experiences and potential we have in God. Though the book exposes the present world view that contradicts the traditional six thousand years of proven moral lessons, it also deals with the daily experiences that challenge our faith and intimacy with God, the most common thread being God Himself and the incredible revelation we enjoy because of the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. In this sense, this book is a unique view of the world from a realist Christian perspective. I have endeavoured to throw light on situations that are sometimes personal, sometimes humorous, sometimes political, and sometimes church-centred, but all from a biblical world view. The question remains: Is there hope for a world gone crazy?

    “The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out” (John 1:5, MSG).

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  • After The Trip


    1. What Now?
    2. Coming Home With Gifts
    3. Mining For Gold
    4. Treasures On The Journey
    5. Keeping The Lines Open
    6. Make Your Next Trip Your Best Trip
    7. The Key To A Life-Changing Journey
    Afterword: The Trip Is Just The Beginning
    Questions For Reflection And Discussion
    Appendix: Eight Great Questions

    Additional Info
    Can a one-time crosscultural experience truly be life-changing?

    Veteran trip leader and intercultural guide Cory Trenda says yes-if we let the trip launch a journey of integrating the experience into our ongoing life.

    In After the Trip Trenda provides a unique guide for individuals and teams to make the most of a crosscultural trip after returning home. Readers will find help with navigating the crucial reentry process, remembering and sharing key stories, interweaving new insights into everyday life, and engaging in continuing learning and service. Combining practical tips, reflections, and stories from Trenda’s own decades of crosscultural travel, this is an essential resource for organizations, churches, schools, and all travelers who want crosscultural trips to be a catalyst for lasting good.

    The trip itself is just the beginning; real life change happens after the trip.

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  • Gods Direction : Our Journey


    This is a thrilling narrative of the remarkable journey of a medical missionary couple and the way God worked to reveal his leading to accomplish his purpose. The narrative covers a period of over fifty years, describing the great variety of work situations in exotic and sometimes dangerous places in over thirty countries. The journey portrays the couple merging to become a team that labored together in providing medical care to an astonishing variety of tribal groups, refugees, leprosy patients, and remote Thai villagers.

    The story unfolds to provide insight into the way a sovereign God can open doors to ministry in a stunning variety of places in needy, unreached areas. Those doors included a hospital in rural Southeast Thailand in a previously underserved area, providing medical care to over four thousand leprosy patients from a wide area, also in Southeast Thailand. Another open door developed when Dr. Goatcher became medical director of a hundred-bed, M*A*S*H* type hospital in a camp of twenty-two thousand refugees in the jungle between Thailand and Cambodia. It was in that setting, with artillery and small arms fire a daily occurrence, that unusual manifestations of God brought thousands of people to become Christians. Concurrently with medical care, the author was responsible for providing food and other services to over forty-five thousand refugees daily in four different camps. In India, the couple trained locally selected leaders in how to provide primary health care to the villagers in a remote, tribal area. Those ministries provide insight into the way a sovereign God can open doors to ministry in an amazing array of places.

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  • Mission Of God



    Part I: The Bible And Mission
    1. Searching For A Missional Hermeneutic
    2. Shaping A Missional Hermeneutic

    Part II: The God Of Mission
    3. The Living God Makes Himself Known In Israel
    4. The Living God Makes Himself Known In Jesus Christ
    5. The Living God Confronts Idolatry

    Part III: The People Of Mission
    6. God’s Elect People: Chosen For Blessing
    7. God’s Particular People: Chosen For All
    8. God’s Model Of Redemption: The Exodus
    9. God’s Model Of Restoration: The Jubilee
    10. The Span Of God’s Missional Covenant
    11. The Life Of God’s Missional People

    Part IV: The Arena Of Mission
    12. Mission And God’s Earth
    13. Mission And God’s Image
    14. God And The Nations In Old Testament Vision
    15. God And The Nations In New Testament Mission


    Additional Info
    Most Christians would agree that the Bible provides a basis for mission. But Christopher Wright boldly maintains that there is a missional basis for the Bible! The entire Bible is generated by and all about God’s mission.

    In order to understand the Bible, we need a missional hermeneutic, an interpretive perspective in tune with this great missional theme. We need to see how the familiar bits and pieces fit into the grand narrative of Scripture.

    Beginning with the Old Testament and its groundwork for understanding who God is, what he has called his people to be and do, and how the nations fit into God’s mission, Wright gives us a new hermeneutical perspective on Scripture. This perspective provides a solid and expansive basis for holistic mission. God’s mission is to reclaim the world-including the created order-and God’s people have a designated role to play.

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  • What Kind Of God


    How does a missional mindset or perspective impact the way we read Scripture? How does the Bible speak to and through a missional disciple? And seriously, what kind of God is God? A missional reading of Scripture is pivotal to helping the church find its way back to its true vocation and to helping newly forming missional communities follow the triune God revealed in Jesus. To the extent that the church is absorbed with itself and its own comfort and agendas, it has forsaken the God revealed in Jesus, whom we claim to follow. The mission of God will lead us to confront the injustices in our society, shed light on the lies we tell ourselves, and name the sickness in our midst. Reading the Bible with (and as) a missional church means we approach the Bible with the assumption that God is actually up to something in this world, that we are all called to play an active role in that something, and that the Bible is the story of that something. What kind of God is God? We invite you to read with us, and see for yourself.

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  • For The Gospels Sake


    Informed take on the amazing growth of a very unusual missionary organization

    The two-sided mission organization comprising Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics is a paradox that begs explanation. The scientific Summer Institute of Linguistics has worked in many countries around the world to translate the New Testament, develop unwritten languages, and educate indigenous communities. At the same time, Wycliffe Bible Translators has been one of the largest, fastest growing, and most controversial evangelical Christian movements during the last century.

    In this wide-ranging study Boone Aldridge-a religious historian and twenty-year insider at WBT-SIL-looks back at the organization’s early years, from its inception in 1934 to the death of its visionary founder, William Cameron Townsend, in 1982. He situates the iconic institution within the evolving landscape of mid-twentieth-century evangelicalism, examines its complex and occasionally confusing strategies and policies, and investigates the factors that led, despite persistent criticism from many sides, to its remarkable rise to prominence.

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  • Gospel Comes With A House Key


    The word hospitality often invokes a scene of a gracious, impeccably fashioned host welcoming guests into a beautifully appointed home prepared with perfectly-presented meals. However, when the Bible calls Christians to be hospitable, it’s calling them to much more. In this book, Rosaria Butterfield invites readers into her home and shows from her own life and experience how “radically ordinary hospitality” can be a bridge for bringing the gospel to lost friends and neighbors-something that she experienced herself on her journey to Christ. Such hospitality welcomes those who look, think, believe, and act differently than us into our own everyday, sometimes messy lives. Christians will be inspired and equipped to use their homes and tables as a way of showing a skeptical, unbelieving world what love and authentic faith really look like.

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  • Missional Discipleship After Christendom


    It is not a changing culture, reduced resources, or a rescinding Christian memory that creates the greatest challenges for the church in the West. It is the lack of a clear commitment to the intentional, authentic, and contextual expressions of missional disciple-making, which will shape current and future generations of followers of Jesus to express the values of the Kingdom today. This book offers stimulating historical, biblical, and theological reflections on discipleship and considers some of the possibilities and opportunities afforded to us by our post-Christian context. Missional discipleship allows the missio Dei to shape us in our engagement our practices and sustain us in the lifelong journey of becoming and developing disciples that follow Jesus today.

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  • Dr Livingstone I Presume


    Probably the most famous quote in all the annals of missionary history is the greeting of newsman and adventurer Henry Stanley when he finally reached missionary and explorer David Livingstone in the remote interior of Africa, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” In this little study based on that historic encounter,
    Bible teacher and missionary Dr. Delron Shirley considers how we can really pick out who is a missionary. His real hope is that you can find yourself in these few short pages and join the call to fulfill the Great Commission of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world in this generation.

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  • From Jerusalem To Timbuktu


    Christianity started in Jerusalem. For many centuries it was concentrated in the West, in Europe and North America. But in the past century the church expanded rapidly across Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Thus Christianity’s geographic center of density is now in the West African country of Mali-in Timbuktu.

    What led to the church’s vibrant growth throughout the Global South? Brian Stiller identifies five key factors that have shaped the church, from a renewed openness to the move of the Holy Spirit to the empowerment of indigenous leadership. While in some areas Christianity is embattled and threatened, in many places it is flourishing as never before.

    Discover the surprising story of the global advance of the gospel. And be encouraged that Jesus’ witness continues to the ends of the earth.

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  • Underground Church : A Living Example Of The Church In Its Most Potent Form


    What If the Church Truly Empowered People to Engage in God’s Mission?

    Something extraordinary has been happening in Tampa, Florida. A new expression of the church has been quietly growing. It’s something of an experiment, but over the last ten years the church has been validating its ideas with sustained and growing results. At The Underground, being the church is not focused around a weekly gathering or church programs. It’s about empowering individuals to respond to God’s call to ministry and mission, especially to the poor and disadvantaged in our midst.

    While many churches talk about discerning calling and engaging in mission, very few are structured to make this their ministry focus. The Underground Church is a new vision for the church rooted in its biblical mission to share the love of God and serve the poor. Sanders explores how to make structural changes, how to think about leadership, how to fund ministries, and how to truly engage people in God’s mission. Filled with creative insights, he explains what it means to center the mission of the church around the callings of individuals to outward ministry – whether that involves leading Bible studies in the workplace, feeding the homeless, or working to free women and children from sex trafficking.

    This book will both tell the inspiring story of a church that is rethinking what church looks like while also outlining and uncovering the principles that transfer for every church and Christian community that hopes for more. It’s the true story of a 10-year experiment that unpacks the possibilities of a church structured and streamlined for mission.

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  • When Everything Is Missions


    Bottomline Media

    What happens when the definition of missions becomes murky? Everything becomes missions and everyone becomes a missionary, but does that really fulfill the Great Commission? The authors challenge readers to reexamine their definitions and recommit to a biblical vision of global evangelism.

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  • Ying And Grace Kais Training For Trainers


    Ying and Grace Kai’s Training for Trainers provides the most reliable resource available today for catalyzing Church Planting Movements. With personal insights and stories from around the world, this book pulls back the curtain and shows you the lives and life lessons behind the movements that have changed the world. Dr. David Garrison, Missionary Author, Church Planting Movements.

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  • Stay In The City


    We live in an urban age. To a degree unprecedented in human history, most of the world’s people live in cities. It is thus vital, say Mark Gornik and Maria Liu Wong, for Christians to think constructively about how to live out their faith in an urban setting.

    In Stay in the City Gornik and Liu Wong look at what is happening in the urban church–and what Christians everywhere can learn from it. Once viewed suspiciously for their worldly temptations and vices, cities are increasingly becoming centers of vibrant Christian faith. Writing from their experience living and working in New York City, Gornik and Liu Wong invite readers everywhere to join together in creating a more flourishing–and faith-filled–urban world.

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