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David Peterson

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  • Romans


    Of all of Paul’s letters, Romans is the one most immersed in the Old Testament.David G. Peterson situates Romans within the grand redemptive story of the Bible: creation, sin, Abraham’s call and covenant, Israel’s reception of and failure to keep the law, and God’s great promises of salvation. Peterson reads Romans as Paul’s exposition and defense of the gospel with unique theological insights into the Trinity, righteousness and justification, Israel and the church, apostolic ministry, and true worship and holy living.The Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (EBTC) series locates each biblical book within redemptive history and illuminates its unique theological contributions. All EBTC volumes feature informed exegetical treatment of the biblical book and thorough discussion of its most important theological themes in relation to the canon–all in a style that is useful and accessible to students of Scripture.

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  • Engaging With God


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830826971ISBN10: 0830826971David PetersonBinding: Trade PaperPublished: August 2002Publisher: InterVarsity Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Possessed By God


    Series Preface
    1. The Biblical Starting-Point
    2. Sanctified In Christ
    3. Sanctified In Word And Spirit
    4. Pursuing Holiness
    5. Living Between The Cross And The Resurrection
    6. Transformation, Renewal And Growth
    Appendix A: “The Meaning Of Hagiasmos In The New Testament”
    Appendix B: “Sanctification And God’s Law”
    Index Of Scripture References
    Index Of Modern Authors

    Additional Info
    In this book, the first in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series, Dr. David Peterson challenges the common assumption that the New Testament views sanctification as primarily a process. He argues that its emphasis falls upon sanctification as a definitive event, “God’s way of taking possession of us in Christ, setting us apart to belong to him and to fulfil his purpose for us.” Simply to identify sanctification with growth in holiness, he contends, obscures teh emphasis and balance of New Testament teaching and creates unrealistic expectations. Throughout Dr Peterson builds his case on the careful exegesis of relevant passages, with a keen eye for the pastoral implications of his findings.

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  • Witness To The Gospel A Print On Demand Title


    A distinguished groups of scholars here provides a comprehensive survey of the theology of the early church as it is presented by the author of Acts. These essays, designed to show the current state of scholarship in ways accessible to students of the New Testament, discuss the main themes in the theology of Acts: God’s plan of salvation, the call of God and the spreading of the Word, the renewing work of the Holy Spirit, the relationship of Jews and Gentiles in the church, and more.

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