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Don Schweitzer

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  • Contemporary Christologies : A Fortress Introduction


    1. Jesus As Revealer
    Karl Rahner, Dorothee Soelle, Roger Haight

    2. Jesus As Moral Exemplar
    Rosemary Radford Ruether, Carter Heyward, Mark Lewis Taylor

    3. Jesus As Source Of Ultimate Hope
    James Cone, Jon Sobrino, Elizabeth Johnson

    4. Jesus As The Suffering Christ
    Jurgen Moltmann, Douglas John Hall, Marilyn McCord Adams

    5. Jesus As Source Of “Bounded Openness”
    Raimon Panikkar, John B. Cobb Jr., Jacques Dupuis

    Conclusion: Fifteen Christologies Later


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    While many know of the signal contributions of such twentieth-century giants as Paul Tillich or Karl Barth or Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the important work since their time often goes unremarked until some major controversy erupts. Here is a smart and helpful survey of the chief approaches and thinkers in today”s understanding of the person, significance, and work of Jesus Christ.

    Schweitzer offers an insightful introduction to the contemporary context of Christology, in which basic questions in the discipline (and soteriology) are being rethought in light of globalization, postmodernity, and the contemporary experience of evil. He then offers a kind of typology of the current approaches and voices.

    Schweitzer”s volume concludes with a reflection on the recent past and present imperatives of a discipline that virtually defines what Christianity has to offer the present age.

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