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Wayne Teasdale

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  • Catholicism In Dialogue



    The Conversation Begins

    The Historical Roots Of Interreligious Dialogue In The Church

    The Nature, Types And Fruits Of Dialogue

    Views Of Dialogue

    The Presence And Example Of Pope John Paul II

    The Official Magisterial Teaching Of The Church On Interreligious Encounter And Dialogue

    Contradictions In The Understanding Of The Church

    The Three Basic Positions On The Other Religious Traditions

    Tensions Between Mission And Dialogue

    Interreligious Encounter And Dialogue: The Existential Dialogue

    The Historical Horizon Of The Dialogue’s Possible Future

    Additional Info
    Mutual understanding between the faithful of the world’s great religions is no longer a luxury; all over the world, religions are challenged to find common ground in the cause of peace and justice, and in the face of war and exploitation. Meanwhile, stereotypes, antipathies and sectarian isolation continue to rob religion of the impact it can and should have in fostering a better world. Conversations across Traditions offers a fresh invitation to and model for interfaith dialogue.

    Drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience of ecumenical cooperation, Roman Catholic lay brother and monk Wayne Teasdale offers a strong and prophetic voice for interfaith dialogue that brings traditions together without watering them down. He offers a blueprint for combining the strengths and perspectives of various faiths in order to address the crises of poverty, racism, environmental pollution and moral indifference.

    Highly informative and compelling, this book is accessible to a wide audience, from the classroom to study groups and others who want to learn about conversing across traditions. Teasdale offers a valuable approach to teaching the Roman Catholic tradition in our pluralized, globalized world. At the same time, his spiritual insight and prophetic wisdom lead the reader into the frontier world of interfaith relations where confusion is always present, and faith, though not as secure as in isolation, is enriched by contact with the great world religions. This book is visionary, hopeful, and deeply inspiring as we walk into the uncharted future.

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