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Winfried Corduan

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  • In The Beginning God


    Christians believe that religion began when God created human beings and revealed himself to them. But is there scholarly evidence for this belief?

    In the nineteenth century academic world a stormy debate took shape over the origin of religion. Scholars explored the ancient languages of mythology and then considered evolutionary anthropology. A dominant view emerged that religion began with animism — the reverent honoring of spirits — and from there evolved into higher forms, from polytheism on to monotheism.

    However, scholars Andrew Lang and Wilhem Schmidt contended there were cultures throughout the world — pygmy people in Africa and Asia, certain Australian Aboriginal groups and Native American tribes — that originated as monotheistic, acknowledging the existence of one supreme God who created the world and holds people accountable for living morally upright lives.

    The debate wore on, and Schmidt, a member of the Catholic order and a priest, was accused (without evidence) of letting his faith interpret the facts. By the mid-twentieth century a silent consensus formed among scholars not to discuss the origin and evolution of religion any further. The discoveries of Lang and Schmidt have since been largely ignored.

    However, the evidence on which these scholars based their conclusion of monotheism is still out there. In the Beginning God attempts to educate Christians about the debate on this topic, the facts that were accepted and those that were ignored, and the use to which Christians can put all of this material in making a case for the truth of Christianity.

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  • Neighboring Faiths : A Christian Introduction To World Religions


    List Of Figures, Maps And Tables
    Preface To The Second Edition
    Acknowledgments In The First Edition
    Introduction To The First Edition
    1. Religion: Study And Practice
    2. Judaism
    3. Islam: Basics And Issues
    4. Islam: Understanding 9/11 And Radical Islam
    5. Baha’i
    6. Zoroastrianism
    7. Traditional Religions: Introduction And African Religion
    8. Native American Religion
    9. Hinduism
    10. Buddhism
    11. Jainism
    12. Sikhism
    13. Chinese Popular Religion
    14. Shinto And Japanese Religions

    Additional Info
    For all who want to understand the religious faiths of their neighbors and coworkers, Winfried Corduan offers an introduction to the religions of the world. His survey covers major and minor religions including Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, African traditional religions, Native American religion, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Baha’i, Chinese popular religion, and Shinto and Japanese religions. Neighboring Faiths emphasizes not just formal religious teachings but also how each religion is practiced in daily life. Dozens of photographs, charts and maps help illustrate how the faiths are lived out in contemporary culture. Moving beyond mere description, Corduan offers specific suggestions for how Christians can avoid giving unnecessary offense to followers of these faiths while engaging them in constructive dialogue. This edition has been thoroughly revised and expanded, with a new chapter on Islam after 9/11 and additional material throughout.

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