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  • Daily Wisdom For Women 2024 Devotional Collection


    You Are a Cherished Woman of God. Take Heart–Your Savior, Jesus, Has Overcome Every Challenge You Face!

    Women will find inspiration, refreshment, and their spirits lifted as they experience the wisdom of God’s Word every day of 2024.

    Every day for an entire year, you will be encouraged by scriptures, devotional readings, and prayers that remind you that no matter what difficult times come, the peace and power of Jesus reigns in every situation, and we can choose to live in confident hope because Jesus is victorious! Daily scripture readings follow a Read through the Bible in a Year reading plan that you may choose to complete alongside the daily readings.

    In these pages you’ll find challenge, inspiration, and spiritual blessing as you grow in your faith all 366 days of the year.

    “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
    John 16:33 NIV

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  • Get Lost : Lose Yourself To Find Yourself


    Grounded in Erin Leider-Pariser’s extraordinary career leading women’s adventure travel across seven continents, this guide to living life to the fullest shares real-life experiences of personal transformation powered by exploring the wilds of nature and the soul.

    For nearly thirty years, Erin Leider-Pariser has designed women’s adventure journeys that empower them to push their physical boundaries, bond through ancient rituals, give back to the corners of the world they visit, and learn more about themselves than they ever imagined. Get Lost blends the wisdom and personal insights gleaned from these hiking, biking, and climbing trips through some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes with once-in-a-lifetime tales of dramas in the wild. For Leider-Pariser and her travelers, life is never the same after surviving a flash flood on a remote Columbian trail, getting lost in a Cambodian jungle, receiving shamanic healings in Ecuador, beholding the world from a Himalayan peak, and bonding with friends old and new through an ancient talking stick ceremony around the campfire. Through stories and anecdotes, the reader will witness how women’s travel is soulful, flipped-out, hysterical fun-an absolute necessity for travel and everyday life.

    Wellness expert and founder of Sports Travel Adventure Therapy (STAT), Erin Leider-Pariser has led over fifty STAT trips on all seven continents, facilitating life-changing experiences for more than five hundred women. This inspiring volume includes her Seven Principles for Trekking Life with Grace, a set of golden rules for navigating toward your best self. Complete with advice for forming your own group travel adventures on any budget, this energizing and at times hilarious book invites women to ignite their adventurous spirit, whether through travels near or far or taking bold new steps toward their dreams.

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  • Love Everybody Wants


    Is there something wrong with me? How many more wrong ones until the right one? Am I hard to love?

    Madison Prewett Troutt knows what it’s like to ask these questions in the middle of the night–to doubt and worry about never finding the love so desperately hoped for. But Madi has discovered a deeper truth now, that the love we’re searching for is already ours.
    In The Love Everybody Wants, Madi sets aside the shallow messages our culture shouts every day to help us hear God’s beautiful whisper: I have loved you with an everlasting love. And nothing will ever change that.

    Drawing from Scripture and stories from her own life, Madi invites us to embrace God’s unconditional love so we can love ourselves well–and never settle for less. The Love Everybody Wants empowers you to

    – view relationships in whole, holy, and healthy ways
    – rely on biblical strategies for healing when your heart is hurting
    – overcome lies such as “I have to follow my heart and feelings above all else”
    – understand that a life partner is meant to complement you, not complete you
    – look to your future with joy–because you were made to love

    This isn’t a manual for how to get a boyfriend or a manifesto for getting married. It’s a book about the abundant love already at your fingertips–the love God has for you. The love that lasts forever, the love that changes everything. The love everybody wants.

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  • Shes Not Your Enemy


    The colleague who threatens your position at work. The friend who talks behind your back. The woman who seems to have it all together-while you are barely hanging on.

    Sometimes the women in our lives feel like enemies. But the real enemy is the one who is trying to defeat you with lies that lead to insecurity and isolation, discord and division. She’s Not Your Enemy equips us to battle Satan’s deception through the solid truth of God’s Word. Popular blogger and podcast host Jenn Schulz comes alongside us to explore:

    *How we find true joy and fulfillment when we each recognize our unique roles in God’s kingdom

    *What we lose when we see other women as competition rather than community

    *What to do about envy, jealousy, people-pleasing, perfectionism, and other daily challenges

    *Why we will never be “enough”-and why that’s great news

    *How our view of God affects our view of ourselves and others

    When we find our worth and identity in God, we can cultivate empathy and compassion for those we have labeled as the enemy-including the woman in the mirror. Move beyond habits of self-protection or shame and discover the freedom of creating a culture of community.

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  • Praying Your Way To A Happy Life


    If you crave a life full of peace and joy. . .this book of daily prayers is just what you need!

    This book of daily inspirational prayers will set you on a path to joy-filled living. Each devotional-like prayer and related scripture selection will help you to discover true delight and contentment, peace and comfort, compassion and grace, and so much more, every day of the year! Each of the 365 readings in Praying Your Way to a Happy Life will help you to encounter a life of purpose with the heavenly Father as your Friend and Guide.

    A truly happy life. . .is just a prayer away!

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  • With The Master Before The Mirror Of Gods Word


    “With the Master Before the Mirror of God’s Word is a women’s Bible Study on 1st John. The book of First John is a letter of self-examination to see if you are in the faith and living the example of the life of Christ. 1 John 2:1: “”My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous (1 John 2:1). The tone is tender in this book as the Apostle John expresses love and concern to his readers, using that phrase, “”little children”” seven times. As we look in the mirror of God’s Word we are to examine our hearts closely and we will see that we need to change!”

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  • With The Master In Fullness Of Joy


    “With the Master In the Fullness of Joy is a women’s Bible Study on Philippians. The news headlines today can be cause for worry and despair, but to the believer in Jesus Christ we can still be full of joy as we realize that we have a blessed Savior who is in control of every event in every place. The book of Philippians is about joy and rejoicing in the midst of difficult circumstances and difficult people. “

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  • With The Master In Heavenly Places


    “Susan J. Heck was married for 46 years to her beloved husband and pastor, Doug Heck, who was a faithful Shepherd for 50 years. For 40 years, she has been involved in women’s ministry, including teaching Bible Studies, discipleship, counseling, and heading up Ladies with the Master women’s ministry at Grace Community Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma ( Susan is a certified counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. She is also the author of the With the Master Bible study series for ladies, as well as A Call to Discipleship, Putting-Off Life Dominating Sins; A Call to Scripture Memory; A Message of Assurance: Twenty Tests for God’s Children; What Does a Spirit Filled Marriage Look Like?; Speaking the Truth in Love in a Post Truth World; and The Liberating Gospel. Susan’s teaching ministry is an outgrowth of her memorization work on the Bible. She has memorized the entire New Testament and is now journeying her way through more of the Old Testament. To God be the glory! Susan Heck has two grown children, and seven grandchildren. Both children and their spouses are in full time ministry.”

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  • With The Master In The School Of Tested Faith


    “With the Master In the School of Tested Faith is a women’s Bible Study of the Epistle of James. With the Master in the School of Tested Faith isn’t for the faint-hearted who want their emotions tickled with sappy illustrations, but for thinking women who want to square off with the curriculum of real life in the school of Christ. “

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  • With The Master Shepherding The Sheep


    “With the Master Shepherding the Sheep is a women’s Bible Study of 1 Timothy. If there is a study that is needed at this moment in history it is 1 Timothy. In this letter, Paul instructs Timothy and the church not only regarding sound doctrine, but Paul also gives instruction regarding the use of the law; the role of women in the church; the qualifications for leadership along with what is a reasonable salary for them; doctrines of demons which have crept into the church; the importance of using spiritual gifts; how to rebuke older women and men; qualifications for a widow; the importance of being content with food and clothing alone; the warning of loving money along with a warning for those who are rich. Paul also writes regarding the depth of his own sin and his humility that God would allow him to serve him. He has several doxologies in this epistle that exalt the high name of God. “

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  • With The Master And Nothing Else


    “With the Master and Nothing Else is a women’s Bible Study of Colossians. The apostle Paul wrote the epistle to the Colossian church during his first imprisonment in Rome, warning them about false teaching that was challenging the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That same false teaching has crept into our churches today. Here is another of Susan Heck’s expository Bible studies that will equip you with the truth so that you can stay grounded and steadfast in your faith as you face adversity, discern false teaching, and reject it.”

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  • With The Master In The Fiery Furnace


    With the Master in the Fiery Furnace is a women’s Bible Study of 1 Peter.

    If you are a child of the Lord, then it’s likely that sometime during your life you will be called to suffer for His sake. Are you ready? Are you willing?

    In Philippians 1:29 the apostle Paul says that suffering for Christ is a gift. It is under these conditions of suffering that the apostle Peter writes his letter to encourage believers during their time of distress. Peter’s message of hope and courage in the midst of suffering is as applicable to his original readers as it is to us today.

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  • She Belongs An Interactive Bible Study


    Katy McCown knows how it feels to try to handle life all on your own. Through her struggles to keep up and catch up, she’s discovered that our quest to keep it together will eventually cause us to fall apart.

    This six-session Bible study with included videos shows us the key to keeping it together is coming together in the body of Christ.

    Find a true sense of belonging by:

    *Shifting our identity from our scars to our Savior

    *Pressing into the body of Christ instead of pulling away from it-especially when life falls apart

    *Understanding that we’re never safer isolated

    *Cultivating conditions that move us from “fine” to flourishing

    Diving deep into God’s Word, She Belongs includes practical illustrations, companion videos, and questions for individual or group study.

    Find the peace, security, and purpose Jesus promises when we engage with other believers. This is the way to a life of belonging.

    Presented by Esther Press: Books for Courageous Women

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  • Whatever You Ask


    This beautifully designed prayer journal for women features thought-provoking prompts and questions and encouraging quotes and Scriptures that will help your weekly prayer life be focused and intentional.

    Pray with a heart full of gratitude and hope, confident that the Father is ever near, listening with a tender heart of compassion.

    Reflect on the promises of God, delight in his goodness, ask boldly for all that you need, and express your thoughts, prayers, and praise in the space provided.

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  • Disobedient Women : How A Small Group Of Faithful Women Exposed Abuse, Brou


    A generation of American Christian girls was taught submitting to men is God’s will. They should not question the men in their families or their pastors. They were told to remain sexually pure and trained to feel shame if a man was tempted. Some of these girls were abused and assaulted. Some made to shrink down so small they became a fraction of themselves. To question their leaders was to question God.

    All the while, their male leaders built fiefdoms from megachurches and sprawling ministries. They influenced political leaders and policy. To protect their church’s influence, these men covered up and hid abuse. American Christian patriarchy, as it rose in political power and cultural sway over the past four decades, hurt many faithful believers. Millions of Americans abandoned churches they once loved.

    Yet among those who stayed (and a few who still loved the church they fled), a brave group of women spoke up. They built online megaphones.

    In Disobedient Women, journalist Sarah Stankorb gives long-overdue recognition for these everyday women as leaders, voices for a different sort of faith. Their work has driven journalists to help bring abuse stories to national attention. Stankorb weaves together names readers know now-Rachel Held Evans, Joshua Harris, Bill Gothard-with new names readers will never forget in order to present a full, layered portrait of where Christian extremism stands in the twenty-first century, and how from within the church women and their allies are challenging that standing.

    Disobedient Women is not just a look at the women who have used the power of the internet to bring down the religious power structures that were meant to keep them quiet, it’s also a picture of the large-scale changes that are happening within evangelical culture regarding women’s roles, ultimately underscoring the ways technology has created a place for women to challenge the traditional power structures from within.

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  • Unexpected Abundance : The Fruitful Lives Of Women Without Children


    Meet 25 women who generated life without giving birth.

    In many Christian communities today, women are expected to have children-to “be fruitful and multiply.” To be childless is to be less of a woman, less of a Christian, or so it can feel. Elizabeth Felicetti is deeply familiar with this pressure as an Episcopal priest who never had the children she imagined would be part of her life. But in the landscape of her childhood in Arizona Felicetti found fresh eyes. If she’s “barren,” so is the desert-and if you look closely, the desert teems with unexpected life. This is also true of women throughout history. Biblical women like Mary Magdalene, medieval mystics like Julian of Norwich, and modern activists like Rosa Parks did not have children, yet their lives bore fruit in their communities and in the church at large.

    In reflecting on her own experience alongside those of these remarkable women, Felicetti deepens our understanding of the many ways to be fruitful. Women without children-by choice or chance-who have felt frustrated or voiceless in the church will find solidarity and inspiration in the pages of Unexpected Abundance.

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  • Thrive Womens Bible Study Participant Workbook (Student/Study Guide)


    In Thrive, author and teacher Jen Cowart helps women develop the habits and attitudes necessary to thrive whatever their circumstances. Leading readers through the book of James, a letter written about enduring hardships, she lifts up six characteristics of mature Christians. From endurance and humility to the controlling the words we speak, Jen helps participants find the divine and the practical in living faithfully.

    This six-week Bible study covers the topics of:

    *Endurance: Embracing obstacles as a mean to maturity.
    *Wisdom – Using heavenly perspective on earthly issues.
    *Action – Living a life where actions match faith.
    *Control – Taming the tongue.
    *Humility- Developing the attitude of Christ.
    *Prayer – Exercising the power tool of the faith.

    Each participant will need their own workbook. An additional leader guide and DVD are also available to make this study complete.

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  • Rest For Your Soul


    Rest for Your Soul is for every woman who lives with an unsettled soul. She feels her circumstances and/or emotions have taken her soul hostage and have led her into the deepest of unsettledness, maybe even despair and grief. It’s Wendy’s heart to encourage and equip this woman to seek God, hear God, find God, and connect with God in the middle of any dark place and then slowly shift her perspective. She wants to provide you with the opportunity and ability to take your eyes off of your circumstances and unsettledness and, instead, fix them on God and His Word.

    Each of the six chapters contains some or all of the following: biblical and practical teaching, personal stories, practical application, prayer and opportunities to put into practice what she’s learning in the chapter. For example, memorizing Scripture, committing to times of silence with God, engaging in deeper Bible study with me through steps taught in the chapter, invitations to pray and write God’s Word.

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  • 3 Minute Devotions For Women Morning And Evening


    Biblical Encouragement to Begin and End Your Day–in Just 3 Minutes!

    You’ll find the spiritual encouragement you need in 3-Minute Devotions for Women Morning and Evening. Written especially for a woman’s heart, this book includes a morning and evening devotional reading for every day of the year. Comfort, encouragement, and inspiration can be found in just-right-sized readings that fit into any schedule.

    Minute 1: scripture to meditate on
    Minute 2: a short devotional reading
    Minute 3: a prayer to jump-start a conversation with God

    This beautiful devotional collection meets you right where you are and is a simple and easy way to help you begin a habit of daily quiet time.

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  • Mary Teach Me To Be Your Daughter


    Journey into the heart of Mary and reflect on the virtues that all Catholic women are called to imitate.

    Our Blessed Mother has a heart filled with love for each of us. On our spiritual journeys and in our everyday lives, she lovingly desires to lead us closer to her Son.

    Mary, Teach Me to Be Your Daughter: Finding Yourself in the Blessed Mother leads Catholic women on an intimate journey into the life of Mary, the Immaculate Mother of God, and reflects on the ten principal virtues that she possessed. With a unique view into Mary’s day-to-day life, this book not only illuminates the profound virtues that defined Mary’s character but also guides readers on a path of practical application in their own lives.

    Written by author Megan Madden, a devoted wife and mother with a special consecration to Our Blessed Mother, this book is a treasure of wisdom on authentic femininity, virtuous womanhood, and the ultimate goal of femininity-imitating Our Lady.

    Within the pages of this book, Catholic women will discover:

    *Glimpses into how Mary lived as a daughter of God

    *The ten traditional virtues of Mary from St. Louis de Montfort and how to apply them to everyday life

    *Inspiration and confidence in their identity as a daughter of God

    *Practical advice for growing in holiness

    *How to deepen their relationship with the Blessed Mother

    *Discussion questions for individual reflection or group study

    *And more!

    By living out Mary’s virtues with prayerfulness and peace, readers will find themselves drawn closer to the Blessed Mother and uncover new depths to their relationship with her and her Son, as they pray, “Mary, teach me to be your daughter.”

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  • Sanando A Viva Voz – (Spanish)


    En esta mirada singular a un ao de transitar por la terapia, contada desde ambos lados del divan, Sandi Brown -fundadora del mayor ministerio radiofonico cristiano de San Luis, JOY FM- y su consejera, la doctora Michelle Caulk, recorren el viaje terapeutico de Sandi, respondiendo a la pregunta: Que hago cuando se que Dios me ama, pero yo no me gusto a mi misma?.

    Verguenza, pudor, negatividad. Nunca ha sido tan dificil la lucha por amarnos a nosotras mismas como mujeres creadas con gozo, que es lo que somos. Cuando Sandi comenzo su viaje hacia la sanidad y la libertad, penso que estaba sola en su lucha. Al trabajar con Michelle, ambas descubrieron que muchas mujeres experimentan una desconexion entre como se ven a si mismas y cual es la imagen que tiene Dios.

    Sanando a viva voz capta muchas de las inseguridades a las que se enfrenta la mujer moderna en su caminar con Cristo. Su redaccion en prosa conversacional y la combinacion de las voces de Brown y Caulk abren un camino facil para que las lectoras enfrenten sus vulnerabilidades con una vision biblica. En estas paginas encontraras:

    *Un mapa de sanidad que esboza de manera provechosa el viaje desde el procesamiento del dolor interior hasta el gustarse a una misma, amar a Dios y restaurar relaciones

    *Las entradas del diario personal de Sandi sobre como procesar el pasado y dar ese primer paso hacia la sanidad

    *Preguntas y reflexiones guiadas en torno a temas como la verguenza, el duelo y las relaciones fracturadas.

    En un punto de interseccion entre la fe y lo humano, Sanando a viva voz ofrece una guia para superar los pensamientos negativos que te impiden vivir con plenitud en la luz de Dios.

    In this unique look at a one-year journey through counseling told from both sides of the couch, Sandi Brown-the founder of St. Louis’s largest Christian radio ministry, JOY FM-and her counselor, Dr. Michelle Caulk, walk through Sandi’s therapy journey, answering the question, “What do I do when I know God loves me, but I don’t like myself?”

    Shame, embarrassment, negativity. The struggle to love ourselves as the joyfully-made women we are has never been more difficult. When Sandi began her journey towards healing and freedom, she thought she was alone in her struggles. By working with Michelle, the two found that scores of women experience a disconnect between how they see themselves and God’s image.

    Healing Out Loud captures many of the insecurities the modern woman faces in her walk with Ch

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  • 101 Favorite Bible Verses For Women Box Of Blessings


    The 101 Favorite Bible Verses for Women Pink Floral Box of Blessings will give you quick access to 199 of the best-loved Bible verses any woman will cherish, and it is the perfect add-on to your personal Bible study.

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  • Devocional Mujeres De La Bibli – (Spanish)


    You can learn much from the successes and failures, lives, loves, and legacy of scriptural women–and you’ll find great insights in The Women of the Bible Devotional. This brand-new book features 180 brief, easy-to-read entries on nearly every named woman of scripture–from Abigail to Zipporah–and many of the unnamed ladies, such as Job’s wife, the woman caught in adultery, and the persistent widow of Jesus’ parable. Biblical women played a powerful role in God’s plan for humanity, and their stories were recorded for our benefit today. Let The Women of the Bible Devotional share important, even life-changing, principles for your quiet time.

    Puedes aprender mucho de los exitos y los fracasos, las vidas, los amores y el legado de las mujeres de las Escrituras, y encontraras magnificas reflexiones en El devocional de las mujeres de la Biblia. Este nuevo libro presenta 180 articulos breves y faciles de leer sobre casi todas las mujeres mencionadas por nombre en las Escrituras –desde Abigail hasta Sefora– y muchas de las anonimas, como la esposa de Job, la mujer sorprendida en adulterio y la viuda perseverante de la parabola de Jesus. Las mujeres de la Biblia desempearon un importante papel en el plan de Dios para la humanidad, y sus historias quedaron registradas para nuestro bien hoy. Recibe los principios importantes, incluso transformadores, de El devocional mujeres de la Biblia en tu tiempo devocional.

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  • Oraciones Diarias Para Encontr – (Spanish)


    Que es el gozo? Podemos recibir momentos fugaces cuando vemos la luz del sol atravesar las nubes, o ver a un nio pequeo reir mientras sopla la pelusa de un diente de leon gastado. Pero solo hay una fuente de gozo verdadero y duradero, y ese es nuestro Salvador, Jesus.

    Durante una temporada de incognitas, Dios abrio Su Palabra a la autora Gina L. Smith y le enseo Su definicion de gozo para que pudiera experimentarlo en lo profundo de su corazon. El la ayudo a darse cuenta de que habia estado encontrando gozo en Sus bendiciones, en lugar de en El, la fuente de esas bendiciones. Y aprendio a “tenerlo por sumo gozo” (Santiago 1:2) pase lo que pase.

    Oraciones diarias para encontrar el gozo es un viaje de treinta dias a traves de la Palabra de Dios que te ayudara a descubrir el gozo que Dios quiere compartir contigo. El esta contigo siempre y puede resolver todas las cosas para bien. !Llenate hasta rebosar del gozo de Dios!

    What is joy? We can receive fleeting moments of it when we watch sunlight break through the clouds, or see a little child laugh as he blows apart the fluff of a spent dandelion. But there is only one source of true, lasting joy, and that’s our Savior, Jesus.

    During a season of unknowns, God opened His Word to author Gina L. Smith and taught her His definition of joy so that she could experience it deep in her heart. He helped her realize that she had been finding joy in His blessings, rather than in Him, the source of those blessings. And she learned how to “count it all joy” (James 1:2) come what may.

    Everyday Prayers for Joy is a thirty-day journey through God’s Word that will help you discover the joy that God wants to share with you. He is with you always and can work out all things for good. Fill yourself to overflowing with God’s joy!

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  • 2024 Gutsy Girls Creative Planner


    2024 Planner Offers a Unique Blend of Inspiration and Bulleted Journal Pages

    For decades Barbour’s devotionals have encouraged women of all ages to spend purposeful one-on-one time with their heavenly Father. And now that same powerful inspiration can be found in this lovely 17-month creative planner. Ideal for personal, home, business, or school use, the delightful Gutsy Girl’s ?planner includes monthly, creative bulleted journal pages–just for you–plus thought-provoking weekly inspiration and biblical encouragement. Featuring monthly and weekly calendars, a year-at-a-glance section, pages for frequent contacts, and more, this planner offers an important reminder: each new day is an opportunity to fully embrace the courageous life God intended you to live!

    *17-Month Planner Spans August 2023 through December 2024!
    *Monthly & Weekly Calendars, “To Do” Lists & Goal-Setting Sections
    *Delightful, Two-Color Interior Design
    *Monthly Inspiring & Creative Bulleted Journal Pages
    *Encouraging Devotional Thoughts & Scripture Selections on Every Spread
    *Generous Space for Recording Appointments and Events
    *Size Is Ideal for Tossing in a Purse or Backpack

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  • Daniel : Discovering The Courage To Stand For Your Faith


    Sue Edwards’s Bible studies have enlightened, encouraged, and equipped women with meaningful devotion, biblical principles, and timeless life lessons. Here she offersa timely and provocative study of the book of Daniel.

    Join Sue as she looks at the life and lessons of Daniel and his companions, who, like so many believers today, faced increasingly challenging choices between their love and commitment to God and the often aggressive hostility of the godless culture in which they had been placed. Sue’s intelligent and insightful exposition of the book of Daniel and its historical and cultural setting, combined with her practical and timely instruction in the daily application of the message and lessons of Daniel, make this an indispensable guide to women of faith in our rapidly changing cultural environment.

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  • Woman Thou Art Blessed A Guided Gratitude Journal


    Can You Stand To Be Blessed?

    Jesus brought with Him abundant blessings from Heaven, and His divine purpose and promises are here for the taking. By journaling and journeying with the Holy Spirit, you can explore a beautiful space that only God could create.

    This interactive journal allows you to delve into a world of blessings where God’s abundant love showers you with joy, grace, healing, and peace. His mercy is felt and His wisdom is revealed on every page. Contemplating and answering the prompts will stir, motivate, and strengthen you for intentional, deep reflection–venturing into previously unknown spiritual realms of blessing.

    With 150 pages of inspirational passages from Bishop T.D. Jakes, you are empowered to declare God’s blessings and experience a naturally supernatural lifestyle. Journal page titles include:

    *Peace to Enjoy Life
    *Beyond Loneliness
    *Fresh Hope
    *Conquer the Enemy Within
    *Joyful Mornings
    *The Greatest Blessings

    God has declared you are blessed. Now it’s time to seize the abundant life He has created for you.

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  • Women And Work


    God gave His people work to do in the Garden of Eden before sin entered the world. Work is not untouched by sin, but it is good, as God allows us to image Him and the way He works through our lives.

    Vocation and work are often a charged topic for women – inside or outside the home. Be a homeschool teacher or send your kids to public school? Wash clothes and dishes to the glory of God or work in the corporate world for the same?

    In this practical book on the theology of work, read wisdom from women who represent all the realms of where a woman might find herself working and discover:

    *how to think about calling
    *how to work from weakness
    *how to find joy in wise stewardship, no matter the field
    *how to join the mission of God in both motherhood and childlessness
    *how to image God in both secular and sacred work
    *how to manage and work with men
    *how to grow through conflict

    All work is Kingdom work. As women, let’s join together in celebrating the good gift of work.

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  • 3 Minutes With Jesus 180 Devotions For Women


    What’s the best way to spend 3 minutes? With Jesus!

    This devotional packs a powerful dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration into just-right-sized readings for your busy schedule.

    *Minute 1: A scripture from the teachings of Jesus to meditate on
    *Minute 2: a short devotional reading
    *Minute 3: a prayer to jump-start a conversation with God.

    Each day’s reading is the ideal way for you to begin or end your day. Perfect for personal use or a thoughtful gift, this accessible book is great for women of all ages.

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  • Sister Roar : Claim Your Authentic Voice, Embrace Real Freedom, And Discove


    You deserve to live your strongest, happiest, most fulfilled life. Join Duck Dynasty matriarch Miss Kay and her daughter-in-law Lisa as they share a Scripture-infused message that will help you set aside your loneliness, disappointment, and past mistakes and finally embrace your God-given purpose.

    The world has never needed your voice more than it does at this moment. Through faith-filled, poignant, and sometimes hilarious stories about the sisterhood that Miss Kay and Lisa have built with each other and with other women they’ve met on their journey, Sister Roar will embolden you to:

    *Discover how God can transform your voice into the powerful tool it was meant to be
    *Find inspiration, comfort, and encouragement through true stories of healed heartbreak
    *See how much you have in common with beloved women of the Bible
    *Create a place of sisterhood where you are loved for who you are

    A love letter to the sisterhood of believers around the globe, Sister Roar reminds you beyond any doubt that you have that the world needs to hear. Your sisters are calling. Are you ready to roar?

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  • Overcoming Fear Worry And Anxiety


    Replace Your Worries with God’s Peace

    You’re not alone in your struggles with anxiety. Christian women in all seasons of life battle worries about their family, work, health, faith, and more. Yet God has compassion for your weary heart, and when you turn to Him, He’ll guide you to freedom from your fears.
    Illuminated by abundant guidance in the Bible, author and biblical counselor Elyse Fitzpatrick provides practical strategies for overcoming anxiety, all the while pointing you back to the One who has overcome your every hardship. You’ll learn how you can:

    *identify the true sources of your fears
    *trade stress and worry for joy and trust
    *rest secure in God’s tender protection

    Find comfort and encouragement as you learn from the examples of other women like you–women who have discovered that it really is possible to have peace-filled confidence in every circumstance, even when it feels impossible.

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  • Dwell : 90 Days At Home With God


    Find God in your home using this 90-day devotional. Drawing inspiration from window views and cozy armchairs, Sandra Byrd shares biblical insights and reveals God’s guiding hand in every detail of your day-to-day life. Warm, inviting photos of different aspects of home life depict the comfort, beauty, and delight with which God blesses our lives. Enjoy full-color photos that will spark creativity and make for a gorgeous display on your coffee table.

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  • James : Tired Tested Torn And Full Of Faith


    In this five-week study, we will walk verse by verse through the book of James to compare the teaching of James with the teaching Jesus did in the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5-7 and the instruction of Solomon that we find in Proverbs. Examining the themes of what an active, faith-filled life looks like from before Christ, during Jesus’ time on earth, and after Christ, we see how Scripture points us to honor God by not only hearing, but actively living a life of faith.

    As we dig into the Word of God, readers will be encouraged to reclaim their faith every step of the way. Micah will give action steps to take each day to move from the place of pain, challenge, or passive living to a faith-filled life. Readers will gain a fresh perspective of what it means to live full of faith when they feel tired, tested, and torn.

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  • Life Council : 10 Friends Every Woman Needs


    Offering a path for a new way to think about friendships, The Life Council will inspire and equip you to be a better friend, make new friends, and appreciate how different types of friendships can bring a richness to your life like never before.

    You’d love to have a “ride or die” posse like you see on social media, but instead you have a host of really good . . . acquaintances. After all, trying to find a soul friend in the midst of dirty dishes, deadlines, and, oh, a crazy busy life can be overwhelming. But what if developing great friendships was actually easier than we thought? And what if finding a “soul friend” wasn’t necessarily our highest goal?

    In The Life Council, Laura Tremaine–the writer and podcaster behind 10 Things to Tell You–tells us what we’ve been hoping was true all along: making, keeping, and even releasing friends doesn’t need to be as hard as we make it. This fun and practical guide gives you what you need to:

    *Create your own “life council” with the friends you already have

    *Understand the ten kinds of friends every woman needs–and how to find them

    *Learn how to evaluate your friendship circle for what’s working and what might need to change

    *Navigate tough conversations with friends

    *Get excited again about the possibility of new friendships

    The Life Council will give every woman the help she needs to think about friendships in a new way and find true connection, freedom, and joy in her relationships.

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  • Known By God


    Discover the One who is attentive to every detail of your story by journeying with the women of the Bible. Known by God welcomes women of all ages with 40 Our Daily Bread devotions, prayers, reflections, historical insights, and word studies along with the corresponding Bible passages in a richly designed package. You’ll meet with the God who sees you and wants you to be a part of His plans and purposes to make all things new.

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  • Her Calling : A Woman’s Guide To Fulfilling Her God-Given Destiny


    What Every Woman in Ministry Needs to Know

    Her Calling is a mentor in a book. Dr. Jamie Morgan uses her decades of experience and insightful leadership to inspire women to fulfill their God-given destinies. All women called to ministry will be blessed by the practical guidance and wisdom shared by Jamie Morgan. Regardless of what God has called you to do in your ministry, this book will become one of your most valuable resources.

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  • 180 Devotions For Your Best Day


    Make Today Your Very Best Day with These 180 Inspiring Devotions!

    Good days have many things in common: joy, blessings, wonder, delight, contentment. . .but the very best days are those that include God in the details. 180 Devotions for Your Best Day provides much-needed encouragement and inspiration for your soul. With each turn of the page, you will encounter a lovely design alongside faith-building, biblically based devotions and related scripture selections. Touching on topics like stress, joy, emotions, rest, relationships, freedom, and more, these 180 readings will help you discover that your very best day always begins–and ends–in conversation with your heavenly Father.

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  • 180 Bible Verses For Difficult Times


    With God’s Help, You Navigate Difficult Times!

    God’s Word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12), and through it He speaks timeless truths to the issues we face today. The 180 Bible verses in this book will help you navigate dozens of difficult life situations.

    From Bankruptcy and Chronic Pain to Death of a Parent and Job Loss, no matter what you’re facing, here you’ll find the comforting, sustaining wisdom of scripture. Each verse is paired with a devotional thought that is equal parts practical and encouraging. Strengthened and renewed, you will be anchored to a solid foundation of faith.

    This compact book is a great personal resource, makes an encouraging gift, and is ideal for ministry and outreach.

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  • 100 Day Prayer Guide For Women


    Find Your Way to a More Effective and Fulfilling Prayer Life!

    The 100-Day Prayer Guide for Women offers relatable, real-life wisdom and inspiration for prayer. You’ll encounter page after page of biblical truths you can apply to your own quiet time with God.

    Covering overarching topics like

    *Confession, and

    as well as more specific issues such as

    *the Lost,
    *Healing, and
    *Physical Needs

    This book provides a biblical example or teaching on each subject, a brief devotional thought, guidance on incorporating the topic into your own prayer life, and a brief prayer starter. It’s a perfect way to spend your next hundred days!

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  • Her Calling : A Woman’s Guide To Fulfilling Her God-Given Destiny


    What Every Woman in Ministry Needs to Know

    Her Calling is a mentor in a book. Dr. Jamie Morgan uses her decades of experience and insightful leadership to inspire women to fulfill their God-given destinies. All women called to ministry will be blessed by the practical guidance and wisdom shared by Jamie Morgan. Regardless of what God has called you to do in your ministry, this book will become one of your most valuable resources.

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  • Job : Trusting God When Suffering Comes


    A 10-Week Study of the Book of Job, Great for Women’s Groups

    From Job’s beginnings as a wealthy, God-honoring family man, through his time of intense suffering and grief, and finally to the abundant restoration of everything he’d lost, Job’s story helps us learn more about God’s power and purposes-even in a world full of pain.

    In this 10-week Bible study, Lydia Brownback goes beyond the familiar lessons from the Old Testament book of Job and invites women into an in-depth, exegetical journey through the text. Written for individuals or groups, each lesson explores topics around faith, doubt, and suffering and explains the context of Job in redemptive history. With resources including reading plans and discussion questions, this challenging yet accessible study encourages women to love studying God’s word.

    *In-Depth, Exegetical Studies: Each week includes a brief introduction, summaries of that week’s passages, and application questions for deeper study and review

    *Quick, Engaging Weekly Resources: Helpful reading plans, sidebars, timelines, and more to help busy readers get the most out of Scripture

    *Perfect for Individuals or Small Groups: Includes discussion questions, additional verses for further reading, and a URL with tips for leaders

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  • She Reigns : Conquering Your Triggers, Fears, And Worries With God’s Truth


    If you’re a believer, God has given you a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. Yet how often do you feel assaulted by fear, worry, anxiety, or negative thoughts?

    Unpacking personal heartbreaks, struggles, and never shared before confessions, Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien gives you an intimately empowering look at how to reign over your thoughts and feelings as God intended. Snippets of her journal entries will assure you that you’re not alone and will encourage you to speak God’s promises in spite of what you see and feel. You will be given the weapons to identify your triggers, take negative thoughts and debilitating emotions captive, and posture your heart for delight.

    Trials and dangers may abound, but you are a queen who does not cower in the face of difficulty. By God’s power, you can reign supreme over your inner world.

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  • Life Council : 10 Friends Every Woman Needs


    Offering a path for a new way to think about friendships, The Life Council will inspire and equip you to be a better friend, make new friends, and appreciate how different types of friendships can bring a richness to your life like never before.

    You’d love to have a “ride or die” posse like you see on social media, but instead you have a host of really good . . . acquaintances. After all, trying to find a soul friend in the midst of dirty dishes, deadlines, and, oh, a crazy busy life can be overwhelming. But what if developing great friendships was actually easier than we thought? And what if finding a “soul friend” wasn’t necessarily our highest goal?

    In The Life Council, Laura Tremaine–the writer and podcaster behind 10 Things to Tell You–tells us what we’ve been hoping was true all along: making, keeping, and even releasing friends doesn’t need to be as hard as we make it. This fun and practical guide gives you what you need to:

    *Create your own “life council” with the friends you already have

    *Understand the ten kinds of friends every woman needs–and how to find them

    *Learn how to evaluate your friendship circle for what’s working and what might need to change

    *Navigate tough conversations with friends

    *Get excited again about the possibility of new friendships

    The Life Council will give every woman the help she needs to think about friendships in a new way and find true connection, freedom, and joy in her relationships.

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  • 60 Devotions Inspired By Women Of The Bible


    This insightful, inspiring devotional examines the lives of specific women in the Bible and how their wants, needs, and feelings relate with those of women today. Each devotion includes a Scripture verse, reflection prompt, and ruled lines to write down your thoughts.

    This inspirational two-month devotional provides you with guidance and answers by highlighting the stories of women such as Esther, Ruth, Abigail, and many more. Each devotion focuses on relevant issues, such as:

    *Anxiety, depression, prioritizing mental health
    *Enoughness, equality, self-worth
    *Grief, loss, infertility, healing
    *Feminism, navigating a career, motherhood

    60 Devotions Inspired by Women of the Bible is the perfect go-to daily reader for Christian women wanting to deepen their faith. This book is a thoughtful gift for women of all ages for birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduation, holiday gift giving, teacher appreciation, or as a token of appreciation when someone special needs a “just because” gift.

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  • Your New Now


    Life prepares us for a lot of things. Until it doesn’t. Because at some point we’ll find ourselves stuck at the crossroads of what was and what is yet to be, desperately wondering, What on earth am I supposed to do now?

    Yet this in-between space doesn’t have to be one of fear, frustration, uncertainty, and sleepless nights. Bestselling author and Proverbs 31 speaker Nicki Koziarz knows well the vulnerable and lost feelings of transition seasons. Digging into the life of Moses and sharing from her own struggles and successes, she gives you a practical, biblical plan to discover–and thrive–right where you are. Waiting for new beginnings is challenging. But you can learn to live with purpose and expectancy even when life pauses in an unfamiliar now.

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  • Mujer Celebra – (Spanish)


    La mujer suele ser quien celebra los logros de las personas que ama y otras con quienes se relaciona: cumpleaos, aniversarios, nacimientos, graduaciones, desde los momentos mas pequeos hasta los mas significativos. Despues de llevar a la mujer por la trayectoria de valorarse, sonar, crear y emprender, Omayra Font la trae al reto de celebrarse a si misma en grande y a su manera. Como en los libros anteriores, la autora imparte sus experiencias, invita a la consciencia de festejarse una misma, e incluye una carta que brota de su corazon, para la mujer desolada que necesita un camino para reconfortarse, seguir adelante y celebrar su vida. Mujer, celebra cierra la serie de libros de bolsillo “Mujer…”, y recoge los conceptos emocionales y espirituales de reconocer las victorias propias y el significado de celebrarlas.

    The woman is usually the one who celebrates the achievements of the people she loves and others with whom she is related: birthdays, anniversaries, births, graduations, from the smallest moments to the most significant. After taking women along the path of valuing themselves, dreaming, creating and undertaking, Omayra Font brings women to the challenge of celebrating themselves in a big way and in their own ways. As in the previous books, the author imparts her experiences, invites the conscience to celebrate oneself, and includes a letter that springs from her heart, for the desolate woman who needs a way to comfort herself, move forward and celebrate her life. With Woman, celebrate, she closes the series of pocket books ” Woman…”, introducing the emotional and spiritual importance of acknowledging women’s own achievements and the meaning of celebrating them.

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  • God Grant Me Peace That Replaces Worry


    Trade Your Worries for Life-Sustaining Peace!

    These 180+ devotional prayers encourage women to ask God to work in mighty ways in their lives. God, Grant Me. . .Peace That Replaces Worry will help you focus your prayers on the life-sustaining peace that God supplies–the kind of peace that “shape[s] your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life” (Philippians 4:6-7 MSG).

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  • Pray Better Devotional: Meditations For Women Plus Bonus Prayer Maps


    Pray Better Today.

    Encouragement and inspiration for purposeful, more focused prayer is right here!

    Practical and inspiring, The Pray Better Devotional will guide you through 28 weeks of devotional readings and prayers plus the creation of weekly prayer maps to help you better focus your daily prayer time. With prayer-related themes like TRUSTING GOD, BEING PERSISTENT IN PRAYER, and EXPERIENCING THE POWER OF PRAYER, you will be encouraged to spend regular time in the heavenly Father’s presence and share what’s on your heart. . .as you build a healthy spiritual habit of continual prayer for life!

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  • Quiet Time Prayers For A Womans Heart


    A Delightful, Faith-Inspiring Celebration of Prayer for Women!

    Quiet-Time Prayers for a Woman’s Heart is a lovely devotional prayer collection designed to help you grow deeper in your faith and connect to your heavenly Father’s heart. Dozens of practical and encouraging prayers inspired by Ephesians 1:15-23 will help you celebrate the beautiful gift of prayer and strengthen your heart-connection to the Master Creator. You will discover a deeper understanding and love for the One who holds the whole world in His hands.

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  • Reshape Your Life


    It is never too late to reshape an area of your life that is no longer serving you! And, with the new book by Ali Landry, Reshape Your Life, you will learn how making small, intentional changes to your current life can transform it into a masterpiece.

    The truth is, when it comes to your health, your mind, your soul, and your heart, you should not settle for what isn’t working. After all, you only have one life to life, and you are worthy of making it the best one possible.

    After years working in Hollywood on TV and movie sets, starring in iconic Doritos commercials, and gracing the covers of various magazines, Ali landed her dream job as a talk-show host on a popular network. However, after only a few weeks on the job, she began feeling out of sorts. Exhaustion, brain fog, thinning hair, slow digestion, and sleep issues took over. Instead of excusing the chronic discomfort as aging, Ali decided to take back her life. Through research, prayer, interviews, and product-testing, she made dramatic lifestyle changes, creating a new brand called RE/SHAPE along the way, to show other women how to live to their fullest in mind, health, beauty, and soul, and remind them that it is never too late to rewrite your story.

    In Reshape Your Life you’ll find:

    *inspiration from Ali’s vulnerable narrative describing the challenges and hard lessons she faced on her journey to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual renewal;

    *tips on how you can change the trajectory of your life and reclaim confidence, purpose, and wholeness;

    *research-based strategies for your health, skincare, diet, sleeping habits, and more;

    *advice that will nourish your faith, refocus your mindset, and align your heart, soul, health, and beauty with your core value; and

    *practical information on goal setting.

    While it’s hard work, it’s necessary work, and Reshape Your Life, from actress, model, and 1996’s Miss USA Ali Landry, will guide your journey to reignite the fulfillment that’s missing in your life. If you are ready to reclaim your dreams and fire for life, Reshape Your Life is the book for you. Start today because you are worth it!

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