Dangerous Mountain Escape


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A family under threat

Peril at the Peak by Jennifer Brown

Whitney Murphy thought leading a youth group hike on Candle Mountain would be fun. Even with Jeremy Moon, uptight single dad, as her coleader. But fun turns to danger when Jeremy’s daughter goes missing. With storm clouds rolling in, Whitney and Jeremy must put aside their differences. Because working together is their only chance of finding young Sam and getting off the mountain alive…

Rocky Mountain Showdown by Victoria Austin

Trapped between a raging forest fire and an army of gunmen, Laura Donovan and her daughter must rely on her knowledge of the mountain to get to safety. But without park ranger Seth Callahan’s help, they might not make it. And though trust comes hard for Laura, she has no doubt the wounded warrior will sacrifice everything to keep them alive.

2 Thrilling Stories Peril at the Peak and Rocky Mountain Showdown

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Jennifer Brown
Published: 01/24/2023
Publisher: Love Inspired Mmp 2in1 Mountain
ISBN: 9781335498533
Pages: 448


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