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Ever wondered why buildings collapse either during or after building them – without any natural disaster being responsible? The answer is simple Faulty Foundations When the Foundation of any building is faulty, you might as well forget about that building, because very soon, it will surely come crumbling down Likewise, Life is like a building Marriages, families, careers, organizations, businesses, ministries, etc, can be likened to buildings If they’re built on a Solid Foundation, they’ll last But, if they are built on a Faulty Foundation, they’ll surely crumble – soon This Book explains the reason behind the collapse in our society today – Faulty Foundations It discusses Faulty Foundations in people’s lives that had led to some great collapses The Faulty Foundations of Idolatry, Immorality, Bloodshed, Deception & Self were also discussed. The author helps readers understand how to deal with Faulty Foundations & prescribes how to Build upon a Firm Foundation Dr. VINCENT, NDUOMA PAUL is a Motivational Preacher, Teacher, Chaplain, Prolific Author, Publisher & Entrepreneur. He’s the founding Pastor of Kingdom Power Chapel; President, Vincent Paul Ministries Int’l.; & President/CEO, Vincent Paul Group, Inc. He’s also a Commissioned Officer LT.] in the U.S. Army Reserve] Chaplain Corps. He’s Appeared on: CBN ‘Turning Point’; ‘The Harvest Show’ of World Harvest TV; TCT TV; KCHF TV, BronxNet, etc. He’s also been featured in New York Daily News He’s published many Books including Persistence Works & publishes his Ministry E-Newsletter reaching over 5,000 people in over 90 nations He holds a B.A. degree from University of Ibadan; & is studying for a Master of Divinity M.DIV.] from Liberty University. He’s had Training in Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School; & has been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Westgate University. Dr. Paul and his wife Edith are based in New York.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Vincent N. Paul
Published: 09/21/2009
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 9781607919612
Pages: 144
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