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From the dawn of time human beings have been interested in the news; learning about current events, locally and around the world. News has been disseminated orally, in print, on film, television and now in cyberspace. Sadly, much of the breaking news in recent months has not been positive. We have been inundated with a barrage of bad news. In the midst of these challenging times, there is one news outlet that has remained constant. It is the Word of God. It is timeless, relevant and eternal. It is the good news. Adrienne Lee is an author, pastor, singer, pianist and speaker who has been actively involved in ministry for more than 30 years. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Jose State University she pursued a singing career that allowed her to travel widely and perform in many venues. She performed at shows that featured top Christian artists as well as Bob Hope, Danny Thomas, George Burns, Tanya Tucker and the Oakridge Boys. As a worship leader she has served at churches of various sizes, ethnicities and denominations. This breadth of experience has given her the opportunity to touch lives and provide spiritual guidance to people all over the United States. As a Bible teacher and conference speaker she often uses her sense of humor to deliver practical messages that communicate the relevancy of God’s Word to everyday life situations. She is grateful for a 32 year marriage and a wonderful 20 year old son. The Lees reside in northern California where they enjoy traveling, gym workouts and gourmet dining; firmly believing that life is a gift that should be lived to the fullest.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Adrienne Lee
Published: 08/11/2009
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 9781607919087
Pages: 160
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