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…hit from behind… is a captivating story of how a seemingly innocent fishing trip turns into disaster. During a hot summer evening Jim and his son biked home from a fishing trip when a car hit Jim, almost costing his life. Near death, Jim describes the black room. This book is not simply about the accident; it delves deeper into what it means to have a relationship with God. “It’s not a matter of if we get hit from behind, it’s a matter of when.” All of us get ‘hit’ sooner or later. How do you handle the loss of control over your life? This short story is about you. If you’re not a Christian, it will stir thinking about God. If you are a Christian, it will stir thinking of the difference between giving your heart to Christ and giving your life to Him. Jim Heckel lives with his wife, Beth, in Loveland, Colorado. … hit from behind… is his first book. He has a long list of published papers and articles on topics, his specialty which is leadership. He has a son, Nathan, and a daughter, Aimee. While recovering from a near-fatal car-versus-bicycle accident, his daughter encouraged him to “write, write, write.” Heckel’s rehab afforded him time to reflect, pray and listen to her encouragement. He put on paper what he was processing internally. Heckel is an outdoors person and spends his free time fly-fishing, backpacking and hiking – and he’s back on the bicycle. He’s an active member of his church, works for a high-tech corporation and plays the drums when he’s happy. Heckel is passionate about humanitarian aid, serving as secretary for Think Humanity (www.thinkhumanity.org). His nickname is Frog. No one knows why, but he’s OK with that.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Jim Heckel
Published: 11/12/2008
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 9781607910343
Pages: 92
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