Worship Creatively: Simple, Inspired Elements for Worship


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Want more active participation and fewer spectators in your worship services? This unique scripture-based resource encourages just that. There are 49 different openers, reflections, readings, scripts, prayers, start-to-finish worship services and more. Ideas for communion, Advent, Easter, and other occasions are also included in a CD format that lets you print materials as you need them.See what other customers are saying about Worship Creatively: ‘The worship experiences we have used the past three years have radically transformed our District NYI Convention into an intimate time of worship. These experiences have served as a catalyst for conversations among leaders who were not previously engaged in discussions about the postmodern shift, the future of youth ministry and the nature of the church itself. We have used these experiences to help leaders and pastors understand that teenagers in today s world speak a different language than we do, or even than we did when we were their age. This helped us explain that we are now living in a mission field and that our teens are on the front line as missionaries to a culture that is intrinsically different than the one we were raised in. Worship Creatively helped us bridge the generation gap and demonstrate what it might look like to speak creatively into the lives of teenagers, in a way that they can hear God’s voice more clearly. It helped us create space for our teens, and adults, to hear God speaking to them, and provided a multi-sensory and impressionable way for them to respond. The continued response has been exciting, as many churches have used these experiences on a local level and we continue to receive great reports of how Worship Creatively is opening eyes and hearts to the never changing Gospel in a way that is relevant and applicable in today’s world.’ James Smith, NWO District

Binding Type: Other
Author: Dave Tippett
Published: 10/31/2005
Publisher: Lillenas Publishing Company
ISBN: 0765762079502

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