Zwingli: A Reformed Theologian


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Four centuries removed, one leading Swiss theologian brings into contemporary focus the life and thought of another. Zwingli, as interpreted by Courvoisier, speaks to the problems of our time with the same clarity and force which helped shape the course of the Reformation. Vigorous, totally orientated to the service of his “”captain”” and Savior, Zwingli grounded his theology in the Word of God as revealed in Scripture. He attacked the problems of his time–reforming the church and leading it to become the instrument through which the world hears the gospel. Zwingli gave meaning to the phrase “”living under grace”” in every area of life. On the relation of church and state, for example, he believed that all things on earth receive their ultimate meaning through grace. He believed that the church must affirm its presence in the world. He found no higher honor than to give his life for Christ. Often misunderstood, long neglected, Huldrych Zwingli is today regaining recognition as the first Reformed theologian. Jaques Courvoisier, ThD (1900-1988) was a pastor, professor of church history at the University of Geneva (1939-1969), rector of the University of Geneva (1958-1960), and president of the Standing Conference of Rectors (1964-1969).

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Author: Jaques Courvoisier
Published: 04/14/2016
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